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    Have to say, I’m really not excited for this movie. I’m not trolling here, but after falling in love with the book… the trailer just seems like a fanboy’s misinterpretation of the tone that Alan Moore established. It’s like Snyder’s trying to make the Watchmen cool, when really they are supposed to feel more like real people. Again, im not trying to piss people off… just worried that Snyder is making mistakes (changing costumes, changing the end of the movie, removing The Black Freighter, etc…)


    I have no idea what Watchmen is/are.

    But I’m sure the next few comments will be full of people who do know telling me, while flaming me for my lack of knowledge about American comics originating from before I was born.


    I’m not either. I like the comic, hell I enjoyed it a lot, but I dunno, I don’t think it can made into good movie now. I think if it was done in the 80s and early 90s when things were made to be gritty, hell it could have been good, but not now.



    It’s a gritty noir-ish visual novel based on the what-if factor, if super heroes really existed in our time, what things would be like, taking place during the Cold War and on the verge of a nuclear war.

    Almost every character is a realistic version of a famous superhero, and even more fucked up than the superhero they’re based on.


    @Ben1605: hahaha true


    Yeah Jazzy’s got it right. Based on his description, Snyder seems to be trying to do his versions of current superheroes… Night Owl looks a little too much like a bad take on Nolan’s Batman, Silk Spectre looks a lot like Electra to me… the only character who looks a lot like he did in the graphic novel is Rorschach.


    Ugh, I fell into Ben1605’s stereotype…

    The characters can be interpreted as analogs of popular heroes, but they were original based on the Charlton comic book character recently bought by DC. When DC wouldn’t let Alan use the character because they had plans for them, he created very similar characters.

    Rorschach = The Question
    Nite Owl = Blue Beetle
    Dr. Manhattan = The Atom
    Comedian = Peacermaker
    Etc, etc, etc…


    Paul has it right pretty much, though I’d also give Alan Moore credit for taking the characters beyond their inspirations. Dr. Manhattan is much more of a living god than The Atom, because people really wouldnt be affraid of The Atom, even if he was the first super powered human to show up.

    In many ways, the book is about the implications of the first real superhero showing up in history.


    I just reread the book since it had been more than a decade since the last time I did so. I’m not sure how I feel about the movie. There are tons of movies that have come out and/or are being made that are just ripping off great stories. Instead of the industry putting the effort into realizing these stories in ways that inspire as the books did… they just americanize it (ie: dumb down the ideas while glossing the visuals). It pisses me off that all the technology we have is often put to waste… for all the wrong… Read more »


    all valid points- but the only thing that I think is truly important to people who loved the novel is that when they watch it, it makes them feel the same way. No offense to those who get bent out of shape over the loss in translation, but c’mon- you have to realize (and i’m sure you already do, in a grudging way) that most of these changes HAVE to be made. They have to be made because you can’t make a movie for purist fans. you have to broaden the scope of the film’s appeal, or it won’t get… Read more »


    >changing the end of the movie