Ghost Ship Wallpaper


I totally missed 1/2 this movie cause of a stupid girl that wanted to make out instead of watching people be killed in new and interesting ways.  Actually, now that I think about it, the sex was better then the movies, so forget about my bitching.  Enjoy the new wallpaper.

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    That’s not a ghost ship, it’s just the SS American Star. The wreck of former US cruise liner and WW2 veteran S.S. American Star, off Playa De Garcy in Fuerteventura. Launcehed in 1940 she was originally named S.S. America but was quickly pressed into military service as U.S.S. West Point. After several name changes she was finally sold to a company who wished to turn her into a floating hotel in Phuket, Thailand. In January 94 during while being towed to her final mooring she was hit by a severe storm which snapped her tow lines and drove her onto… Read more »

    tiki god

    Holy crap Abeansits, you are absolutely correct, thank you!


    Some cool pictures here.

    raptor jesus

    wasn’t me was it? lol


    An Omen to America perhaps ?