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Metropolis and others …

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    Yeah, the producers wanted the movie to be called “revenge of the jedi” and it was advertised like that. But George Lucas changed it at the last second, even though he wasn’t allowed to, because revenge is not something a jedi would seek.


    Not quite “at the last second”, and he was very much allowed to.


    What dreams may come is a trippy and awesome movie XD


    Agreed. I kinda liked that they pretty much left religion out of the picture.


    Nobody else noticed that the lightsabers are the wrong colors? . . . Ohhh, my self-esteem. It hurts.


    It was 1982! The age of snail mail and cassette answering machines if you were lucky. If a copy editor found the error, they’d have to hope and pray that their message would get to the print shop before they started working on printing the posters, or that anyone would care, or that the cost of fixing it wasn’t high enough that they just went with it. Gotta remember that we’re living in a different world. Now take your soma ration and be a good little drone.


    What dreams may come is a good movie, but very creepy for a movie that is not supposed to give you the hibby jebbies