Dubai In Ten Years


Now how did they afford those huge buildings?

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    It’s called investing in the future. They take the oil revenues, and build big touristy things, so when the well runs dry they will still have income, unlike the House of Saud


    Not sure the majority of the country which is very poor would agree with the “investing in the future”. And as for the House of Saud, I think I’d rather have a few trillion in my investment portfolio than an artificial island shaped like a palm tree.


    I do believe 300 million Americans paid them with an over developed sense of entitlement and a lust for convenience.

    If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s black and it smells like war.


    More like how did they afford to change the color of their sky.


    Oil, tourism and maybe, just maybe hash trade.


    You should see the islands they are building as tourist resorts. The Palm that Aristoi is incredible looking. From a friend who has lived there, there isn’t much poverty among the citizens, but the migrant and resident alien workforce is extremely poor.


    To follow up Robster, it should be noted that 80% of the population is expatriates and alien workers, and that there is no way for anyone to become a citizen (you must be born there).

    There has been plenty written on this. There was actually a riot earlier in the year there (I think March) due to poor conditions of the indentured foreign workers.


    To account 80% of those foreign workers as poor and destitute is wrong. Quite a few of that number are white collar workers that come from the U.S. and U.K. and are treated quite well. For the rest its unfortunate but foreign laborers have historically been treated poorly in any country they go to, ask the Irish that came to the U.S. in the past. How is it fair to treat UAE any different than all the other countries where migrant workers are living 10 to a tiny apartment. Yeah the country is elitist about their citizens but thats standard… Read more »

    Magnus Butfookson

    Dubai 2019 will probably be a crater so who cares what the thieving pricks do in the interim?


    Wha? i agree with you one hundred percent. I just meant they are planning for when that particular item runs out.


    Strangerthanfiction: “Quite a few of that number” is an exaggeration. Of their 1,321,453 population, approximately 1,000,000 of them are non-citizens. There are approximately 100,000 Western ex-pats, which I agree are likly to be treated well, and some of those are indeed business owners there as well. But of those 900,000 other people, many imported and unskilled, “Most of these workers are forced to give up their passports upon entering Dubai, making it very difficult to return home” (Wikipedia). Check out the report by NPR as well. I have no problem with immigrants being on the bottom of the economic… Read more »


    Dubai is the american embassy around there. Petrol is money!! They have sell their souls for money. Like most of people.


    I can’t argue with that info Aristoi.

    Thanks for the information.


    what did iraq teach little dubai to say thanks to the Americans


    Same way the city of New York paid for its skyscrapers – a great big fuck-off economy.


    It looks like a great place to visit….and if it was somewhere other than the middle east I would actually consider going.

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