No.1 Game

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I saw this in Books-a-million. Their no.1 game is a hat!

(I had to repost as I fell into the their/they\’re/there trap)

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    I wonder if I put link to this post in the original post, and a link to the original post in this post, if I can create a blind-loop in timespace and spawn a parallel universe…


    holy shit.

    quickest repost yet

    only thing left is to have a pic submitted back to back


    yo dawg.. i heard you like to repost… so i put a post in your repost so you can repost your post!


    it’s “Sup, dawg…” ya newfag

    teezy weezy

    Was shit the first time it was posted.


    World of Warcraft the board game is like $90 forget that. Apples to Apples in the lower left though is a good game and lots of hilarity can ensue if you don’t play by the rules.


    : I wouldn’t call people out unless you know wtf you’re talking about. ‘Yo dawg’ is perfectly acceptable by doing a quick google image search with the phrase ‘xzibit yo dawg’. Wow! there are like 37,500 results. now you gtfo “ya” newfag!


    : FAIL!
    : 10 million internets to you my friend!


    Is this fucktard that stupid and doesn’t know which form of THEIR to use? Goddamn it.


    @pantsoffdanceoff: There’s only one form of THEIR–it’s “THEIR.”

    THERE is not a form of THEIR. THEY’RE is not a form of THEIR THEIR is not a form of THERE.

    Sounding alike does not make them kin.


    Shit thrown due to a repost to correct grammar > shit thrown due to a grammatical slip-up in the original post.
    Ironically no-one might ever have noticed the slip-up in the original post.
    The moral of the story is, watch your grammar carefully. And if you slip up, pretend it never happened.