wE cAnT LiVe iN fEaR


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    Over a germ significantly less deadly then the common flu?

    Yea. It is living in fear.

    Hell, at least half the Hospital deaths are easily because we’re intubating people who should have been placed on bipap.

    Most of the others are because of criminal negligence at nursing homes, which is how they commonly operate.

    Improper ventilation, shared mass Central heating/cooling without filters for each room, 2 or 3 unrelated patients to a room, not wearing proper PPE between rooms. I’ve seen it every day for years, and no one gives a shit because most of the old people are not mentally fit enough/ able to object.


    So now you’re a resp tech…?
    OK then…


    This is like reading a roller-coaster; some makes sense, some is just, “NO”.

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