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    1. Ok now this just begs to be made fun of. On the other hand, I don’t know how true it is.

      Also, Canadians telling me how true it is, is kind of useless. Some non Canadian who has been there should enlighten me.


    2. Well, I live about ten minutes from Canada. This looks pretty accurate, but they left out a few. Needs ‘Beer’, ‘America’s Hat’, and ‘Hockey’.


    3. I trust just about any Johnny Cash fan with yellow underwear, so I guess it must be true.


    4. I think Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant might disagree with the tolerant part.


    5. Well, Canada is beautiful, so they got that part right. I don’t know enough Canadians to make a valid judgment on the other qualities, however.


    6. Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!


    7. @suicydking: What the… damn combo breaker.


    8. Canadians hate French people. It’s like how American’s hate mexicans.. My Candian friend yells at a motorist and says” Where did you learn to drive, Quebec?!?”.


    9. As a Canadian I can say that a lot of us are completely blind to the fact that we’re doing almost more damage to the environment as a whole, than almost any other first-world country. Yes, our country is big, and diverse – beautiful and all, but the people are fucking ignorant.

      Oh yes, where’s the words “NEO-CON” in giant fucking letters? Our PM has no soul, look at his eyes, the guy is a fucking zombie.

      And for such a tolerant country, they sure went overboard with Indian Residential Schools and Japanese internment camps. Hypocrites.

      God Save The Queen.

      Fuck every province and territory but Nunavut.


    10. @dub_1211:

      You’re a complete idiot and a good example of whats really wrong in this country

      What’s missing from that flag is the word crybabies

      I’m also Canadian and pretty ashamed of it thanks to people like dub

      Our current PM is the best thing that has happened to this country in decades. The only thing he hasn’t managed to do is undo all the damage this retard named Pierre Trudeau did years ago.

      dub obviously has no clue what the term neo-con even means. Which is typical of some types of people up here.

      Enjoy high school ‘dub’. You are the ignorant one and the sooner somebody brands that onto your tiny little brain the better off we’ll all be.


      Quebec drivers are notoriously bad. They have some different laws than we have. No right turns at a red light and stuff. They’re still 1000X better on the road than the fucking chinese and indians. Those idiots can gtfo please. Or at least gtfoff the road.


      I like how they made sure to include multicultural and tolerant on there. Did we have any choice? I don’t remember any vote asking if we should leave the front gate open for anyone to waltz in.

      This flag would actually be more appropriate if it were in chinese, English, French, indian, russian, and maybe a few of those other languages from shithole countries. And it should be on fire.


    11. Ahhhh tolerant,peaceful Canada
      The people who bring you the
      Canadian “Human Rights” Commission

      Who go after individuals who have expressed politically incorrect thoughts.
      They have the authority to punish thought as well as deed.


    12. @Blondie:

      Well other ‘intolerant’ countries protest a lot if they don’t want to have certain people in their country. Or maybe there were protests I don’t know.

      In Twin Peaks, when Laura Palmer and Donna Hayward entered that house, and someone said ‘Welcome to Canada’, that’s when I knew I need to go to Canada.


    13. No mention of hockey or Canadian Mounties or Bacon.

      How disappointing.


    14. @dub_1211:
      our history, culture, and identity are being watered down thanks to people like you.


    15. Ive been to Canada, I don’t think its a particularly tolerant country. It’s very friendly, even to me as an American the people were very nice, but I saw far more racism and discrimination in Canada in general then I do in America.


    16. @dieAntagonista:
      We unfortunatly have a culture in this country since the 1970’s where the majority have to bend over backwards to accomadate everyone and everything about them at the expence of the majority.Alot of todays young urban people have been brainwashed into beleaving this.


    17. @dieAntagonista:

      Protesting the loss of Canadian identity in Canada is deemed racism by the prevailing majority of new citizens in the city I live in.

      It is however perfectly acceptable to champion a cultural takeover and agenda for taking more from Canadians by people from other countries.

      The current big protest is by Tamils who would like the country ran to and who welcomed them openly to spend more money and do more to fix the country they left behind.

      I guess that flag should read ‘used to be tolerant but learned our lesson the hard way that you can never give enough free stuff to some people’.




    18. @onthebeach:

      2nd’d again.

      Our civil servants are to blame. In the Ontario school system you get taught that if you’re an English speaking white male you are what’s wrong with the world and the noble and vicitmized dark skinned and female component are so much more level headed and smarter than you. It is brainwashing and its sick. Fortunately it has an end and once people get forced out of their bubbles and into the real world they find out just how much bullshit they’ve been fed.


    19. @Blondie:

      But did anyone protest anyway and then get beat up by the police. Or do they only whisper behind closed doors.

      And what do you think about Laura Palmer. Am I going to be disappointed if I go to Canada because of Laura Palmer?


    20. Canmore is awesome. I just got home from a weekend spent partying and mountain climbing down there.

      I met a Pine Marten today. He came into the backyard while I was in the hot tub. He didn’t want any ganja, but he was cool. He chilled out on the deck with us for a little while, then marten’d along on his sly ol marten business.

      I also met a wolf while strolling in the evening on Saturday. It was so beautiful. Just by himself. He was big, an old master of the woods. We spoke telepathically from about four meters apart for a good six minutes before he caught the scent of someones dog and went to go fetch himself some dinner.



    21. @sylvanish: The Canada you speak of is the Canada I know and love.


    22. @suicydking: lol, Ce qui est dit quelque part?
      Wait, is that part of their anthem?

      @sylvanish: I met a wolf once in Alaska, We didn’t talk but she was beautiful, alpha female prolly. I met a boar in France once too. He wasn’t so pretty, but very intense. It’s weird, the forests had all been cut down, so they replanted it in nice rows and put some boars and such, so we could hunt. I’m still not sure how I feel about that.


    23. @Blondie:
      You must be the biggest whore living in Canada. First I wonder where your family came from, and why do you consider yourself so typical and characteristic of this land; unless you’re Native, which I think your must also hate. Canada without its immigration policies and immigrants would be a fucking huge empty space with lots of fucking ice, which mostly is, except for the cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Montréal amongst others which economy is buoyant thanks to immigrants. Nowadays, Toronto’s (according to the UN the most multicultural city of the world) population consists of 60% of immigrants, and it is also the most important city in the country. I guess it is that the 60% are just lazy immigrants waiting to get all that free stuff that the good ol’ very characteristic Canadians are providing for us.
      I’m pretty sure that most of the people that you consider real Canadian would be grossed out to be compared to bitches like you. Your puny xenophobic brain is not what this country needs. And if you don’t like to live here anymore because we Chinese, Indian, Russian, Pakistani, Venezuelan or any other nationality you think that threats your peaceful p’tite Canadienne way of life maybe is you who should GTFO!!! And become an immigrant yourself so you can enjoy all the commodities of learning another language, culture, etc.


    24. @dieAntagonista:
      Maybe you can trust my opinion, I’m totally impartial as you can see. I moved from my home country, Venezuela, about 2 years ago and I really like being here. There’s a couple of ignorant assholes like Blondie but I think you would consider it quite fine.
      Canadians are all right, and very open minded in general.
      oh and btw Also sprach Zarathustra


    25. @Yuri:

      I usually never pay much attention to what people say about their countries, if they talk extremely lovingly, or extremely hateful. I have never been to Canada, and I think it’s a place that’s hard to define. But I know many good Chinese people, as well as Russians, the Russians are our neighbours and very nice people. Russia is not a shithole country, I know that. People talk about immigrants here the same way, even if the percentage of immigrants is very small. In the end, where did the Canadians come from. They’re all people who originally came from another country and started from scratch, right.

      Friedrich would agree, wouldn’t he.


    26. @Yuri: I must object to your claim that Canada would be empty if it weren’t for immigration, especially since you mentioned the Natives. That’s kind of ignorant/hypocritical. There was an abundance of life and culture from coast to coast here before the immigrants came and ruined it, replacing it with their own, wiping out species and endangering many others.

      But I say that as a reminder that while immigration is inherently destructive, by it’s nature; destruction breeds creation, and yeah, we wouldn’t have the mosaic of culture and character that we have now if it weren’t for that destruction.

      However, fuck you with a brick for claiming this country is empty save for the handful of cities. That’s just stupid. Go suck an exhaust pipe. This country is great -in spite- of the banal and boring cities, which are “empty” of life save the drones and consumer-whores. You don’t find parking lot’s anywhere but cities.

      And nobody is totally impartial. That’s impossible.

      Toronto is the most important city in this country to Toronotonians alone. The rest of us ‘strongly dislike’ that dump full of assholes. It has nothing to do with origins, and everything to do with attitude.


    27. @Yuri:


      You stinking fucking shit skinned pile of shit skin’ shit. These same cities your ungrateful ass is leeching off of were built by people you know. You think those just sprung up asshole? Your reasoning is typical and typically flawed. Every accent sporting pussy faggggot like you tries to make it seem like they’ve done anything other than make this country worse. You fucked up your own country and now you’re ruining this one. So fuckoff.

      Toronto is 60% immigrants and it sucks now. 60% retard assholes like you. You saw a good thing here and you guys ruined it. So thanks for that.

      Your answer is also typical: we’re here now and fucking it all up. if you don’t like it ‘person who grew up here’ then leave. No assfag. You gtfo. You’re the ones who are going to get the enormous wake up call. Because people like sylvandish are right about you. Toronto is the center of the universe only to people like you. Canada is not Toronto. And you are not Canadian. So leave. Quit running from your problems and go back to your shithole homeland and fix it instead of sitting in my country crying and complaining like a pussy.

      Your days here are increasingly numbered because you try and run your mouth like you have here.

      Canadians are polite. They still want you to leave. You’re not welcome. Please go home and take your 50 relatives you’ve illegally packed into your suburban home with you.


    28. PS: I already learned another language. We have two official ones here.

      I guess when you’re not here legally you don’t need to know important facts like that you fucking retard.


    29. @dieAntagonista:

      People came from other countries in Europe and built Canada and America from nothing.

      100’s of years later all these opportunistic assholes show up with their hands out begging for anything and once they have it demanding more.

      If you want to move here and walk out into the fucking woods and start your own city then fine but you’re not going to get away with showing up and thinking you can fuck up the city that was already here and your/their (Yuris) people had nothing to do with building and have everything to do with destroying.

      Canada is a land of immigrants…but it’s a country of European descendants. We have and will always have the Queen on our money. People like Yuri have never left Toronto so they have no idea that while 60% of this city (bullshit figure btw that he made up) is new only 3% of the country are immigrants. The other 97% are getting pretty tired of that 3% btw. Yuri might be going home sooner than he thinks.


    30. @Blondie: Goddamnit it was not built from nothing!


    31. @Blondie:

      Yeah, apparently. I think he responded like that because he was angry. If what you said is true, he could very well be one of the honest immigrants, who feels simply insulted. I’m not saying it’s likely, just that it’s possible.
      I mean come on, you’re not just insulting those awful immigrants, but you’re also calling all those places shitholes. I understand you are angry too, but there’s no need to condemn entire nations because of the people who left it.

      See, I’m getting accused of being a useless immigrant all the time, just because I’m a little dark haired girl. And let me tell you, it doesn’t feel good. Especially when I had no choice in being born here. My parents got thrown out by a dictator and came here, they started from scratch, they built their own house with their own hands, they were always hard working people and honest. But I won’t expect respect for what my parents have done. I’m a student, I moved out at the age of 16 and that’s also when I started working. I see all these lazy assholes who think just because their grand grandparents were born here also, they can do whatever they want. I couldn’t care less about that, as annoying as it is. But to have these people who collect unemployment benefits every month, accuse me of being a dirty immigrant just because my grandparents were not born here?
      Fuck no.

      So here’s my problem, I hear certain Americans talk like you too. If I listened to, and believed any of those people, I would never even plan to go to the US in the first place. Luckily I’m not that easily impressionable. Now tell me, those immigrants, do they make living there really so painful. And if you go to Canada just on vacation, would you notice any of those things?


    32. @dieAntagonista: That’s the huge problem w/ generalizations and stereotypes. It tells you nothing about an individual person that appears to fall into a given category. There may be a problem w/ immigration in general of this or that group, but it’s useless to use on a personal basis. Most immigrants in any nation are hardworking people who give more than they take in their community. They’ve chosen to relocate; they know why they’re there. Natural citizens don’t think that way.


    33. @nyokki: Yeah, and it angers me so terribly much, it’s ridiculous.

      I admit I’m completely biased on this. Damned be my human mind.

      I understand both sides of the argument, perfectly. But I try my hardest to treat every person I meet individually, and that’s how I want to be treated as well. I don’t care what anyone’s grand grandparents have done or not, and I don’t see why it’s important what mine have done.


    34. is there anything cool in Canada….you know…that makes you want to visit.

      besides Alaska

      that, and who knew Canada would be such a controversial topic?


    35. @noapathy:



      The best thing to visit in Canada in Whistler. Its hands down the best skiing and snowboarding on the planet.

      Do you ski, Yuri? No…no you don’t. Do you skate? No…no you don’t. Do you drive like a drunken asshole in the winter? Yes…yes you do.

      I like most Canadians am not an unreasonable person. If you saw what this city used to be vs what’s its been shit into by people like Yuri you would be mad too. Then have those same ungrateful pricks try to claim superiority and its not a far trip to ‘go the fuck home then’ town.

      Some immigrants are cool. That doesn’t excuse the vast majority of them though who are fucking retarded.


    36. Hey I ski. But I prefer snowboarding. And I have heard of Whistler. A Canadian girl told me about it, she came here for a volleyball tourney, she was in my team and taught me how to say I love you in French.

      Oh yeah and Alaska. Wait, 48 meth labs? And I suppose getting raped can be nice too. Yeah, with that fucktard Palin in charge, I won’t go there any time soon.


    37. @Blondie:

      We should meet up in America and have dirty immigrant sex.
      I can teach you how to say ‘let me pull your hair’ in four different languages. And I can invent a fifth one if need be.


    38. Its weird cause Alaska is of course American. I’m not sure what I missed there in nopathy’s statement.


      Okay but lets keep the safety word down to 1 language so you don’t accidentally kill me. 😉


    39. @Blondie: I thought it was a joke I didn’t quite get…or just wasn’t funny.


    40. @nyokki:

      I think we tend to land on the same page often.


    41. Whistler is definitely one of my favorite places on the planet. And if you are into white-water rafting, Clearwater River is some of the best in the world.


    42. I’ll keep the Whistler in mind then. Damn, I don’t know about taking your snowboard gear to another country though.

      And safety words. That’s how you know your sex is real kinky, if you need a safety word.


    43. I guess Yuri wasn’t able to steal anymore net access?


    44. As a proud Canadian, I have to say that the image and this whole thread are fucking retarded.


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