Chris Foss – colorful starships

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I used to find the garish colors & patterns he’d use kind of irritating…then it occurred to me that distinctive, bright colors for your starship would be something you’d want, because if something ever went wrong and some rescue party ever had to look for you in the vastness of space, you’d want to be easily spotted, right?

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    Youd want to be emitting light, RF, or something else that actively says HERE I AM, HALP!

    Reflected light, albeit a bright cacophony in this case, would still be almost impossble to find.

    Malta Soron

    Also, I think the paint would be quite heavy. Apparently, not painting the fuel tank of a space shuttle saved over 500 kg in weight (


    Although the last ship would be damned hard to shoot. Like the warships of WWI


    First one looks like a brightly colored vibrator.