God Isn’t Fixing This

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    It’s hard to do anything, if you don’t exist.


    Is Daily News grasping at straws in order to maintain some form of edginess?


    what about the meaningless platitudes of the left as well? that gun crime will magically disappear with the passing of useless words on useless paper signed by worthless politicians? there was a terror “stabbing” in the UK a day or so ago…does this mean that the knives are to blame for this tragedy? what is next? terror hit and runs? senseless murder and injury from a Wahhabi trained muslim behind the wheel of a chevy pickup?


    You forgot the hashtag “#troll”


    But you believe continuing down this road is the answer? This madness is now catching up to you… “daily mass shootings” and this has no where else to go but up. How much is enough until finally someone there comes to their senses that this is not normal. No other advanced country is living this… I assure you, none are.

    Don’t be silly, we need knives for countless of useful things, always have… yes, we have the occasional nutter that goes on and does someone in. But overall, why would anyone think that you could kill 10, 20 or 40 people before being stopped.
    In fact, it took a couple of London’s best to take this guy down with a tazer, our coppers don’t have any firearms… we certainly, don’t need that added madness.

    Give it a little more time Baba, you’ll soon have firearms surpassing auto accidents as well… just like in Switzerland here, where their liberal gun laws are the cause today of more deaths than auto accidents, cancer and AIDS combined. The US now have 35,000+ deaths per each year, another 70,000+ wounded and maimed for life – families literally destroyed for life… and you want to play gun semantics while the stench of rotting corpses pile up in your morgues each day.

    Your country used to be one we adored and looked up to… today, you’ve become an international joke of excuses for which there are none.

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