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    1. That’s so funny, my father showed me this picture just the other day.


    2. I would like to solve the puzzle, please.


    3. This made me snort out my milk the first time I saw it.


    4. N(those who fail to fit in to society,are under-or nonproductive,criminally minded,unable to master the English language,dress in gaudy,alien fashions and/or will raep your little sister at the drop of a hat)ggers,perhaps?


    5. @englishelectriclightning: Because if there are stereotypes available, why use your brain and judge for yourself? Amirite.


    6. @englishelectriclightning: there’s more history in black people than you could possible imagine, just knowing you judge people by there actions & color and not by knowledge. shows how small minded you are.


    7. @dieAntagonista: you’re dad is teh awesome to be watching south park!


    8. @ColombianMonkey: Aw, yeah he is the best. I’ll tell him that you said that next time I see him.


    9. @ColombianMonkey :I firmly stand by this statement.Based on decades of personal expedience.I refuse to bend over backwards to political correctness to please those who fear to speak the truth about ANY given subject.Of coarse there are exceptions,however they are becoming increasingly hard to find.Tell the truth.Would you actually come to the defense of “White trash” if a derogatory comment were made in regards to this group.Of course not.


    10. @englishelectriclightning: Even though I’m not entirely black, yes I always say something against people who say things like white trash or rednecks or whatever. So there goes your poor assumption.

      Judging from the way you write, you do not seem to have that much ‘experience’. At least it doesn’t seem very valuable. All this time you never picked up a book on biology and genetics? You can say what you want, but I think I’ll trust doctors and geneticists more than you, when they say that the behaviour of a certain group, has hardly anything to do with their genes.
      If a child, doesn’t matter if white or black, gets raised in a bad neighbourhood, will you be surprised if he becomes a criminal as well? Of course not.

      You’re letting the stereotype do the thinking for you because apparently it’s so much easier to see the world in black and white, than having to bother with the shades of grey.


    11. @englishelectriclightning: it’s pretty simple to accuse & judge on color but neverless never really see the origin of problem. Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Brown color has nothing to do with there personality. you have to look at the source of the problem. in case you didn’t know a child’s learning phase is from infant. and if you put a child, black, white yellow in a bad environment and he don’t have motivation to do good, well then you know how he will grow up. i bet if you take that child and bring him up good he would prosper. as there are more factors which come in short, with your experience go learn more so you know more and say the right things. just because 98% of a population does one thing doesn’t mean these “type” of people will do it for a fact.


    12. @ColombianMonkey: My friend, I feel the need the to tell you at this point how much I appreciate your humour and intelligence. Even though it’s all over the Internet, I feel quite honoured to know that there is a really clever guy with good taste in music, not too far away, whom I can consider my e-friend.

      As I don’t feel like this guy I replied to, or the Nazi who commented as well, will ever be able to grasp the basic concept of how the beautiful mind of a human works, I am not going to continue to waste my time with them.

      Instead I want to tell you about an observation I recently made. You know how there are very shy people who seem to be afraid of all strangers? Usually it’s a psychological thing and has to do with the fact that they had bad experiences in the past with certain people. So now, you could say it’s a primitive reflex – they fear all people they don’t know.
      It’s like their mind tries to protect them through stupidity. Basically, any person who generalises like that, doesn’t matter what kind of people or why – their mind is trying to protect them through stupidity from an invisible and non-existent boogie man.

      That’s why in an IQ test, they always have those questions, where they show you similar symbols and then ask you to tell the difference between them. Guess what, the less you are able to distinguish between one thing and another, (the more you generalise in order not to think) = the less intelligent you are. Nifty huh?

      Even though you call yourself Monkey, mind-wise, they are the real monkeys.
      As a kid I used to feel bad because I wasn’t white, I know that’s not the case with you, but I needed to tell you this. Not many know about it.


    13. @ColombianMonkey: @dieAntagonista: @nyokki:

      I posted this for the LuLz. Not for its inhearent racial currency.


    14. @the3g_ipwn: You never know where a post will lead. It’s one of the reasons I like mcs so much.


    15. @dieAntagonista:

      “Basic concept of how the beautiful mind of a human works”

      Pfft, fuck that.

      They’re greedy, egocentric, arrogant, and make up “Gods” and “souls” in order to claim themselves higher than any other known being.

      Fuck that.

      Voluntary Human Extinction Movement FTW.


    16. @dieAntagonista: now i know where u got teh awesome! from you’re dad. even thou the internet is in-direct communication, i still consider direct. And i must say about Dreth post, is kinda true the mind is truly wasted on some people lol,Monkey’s are smart you know ^^ maybe not all .well from my heritage i was born on a island of dark skin people & my mother is from Colombia but the Latin American Indian type and my dad is same situation as me comes from a island which is really dark skin people but his parents are dutch white, so I’m like a brownish white color.

      but what I’m trying to say is that i lived most my life in a black community and hang around people who sell drugs or have stabbed someone or who enjoys fighting everyday, stolen shit, all that shit i pass with everyday life with the friends i have and tell me why if mostly my whole life i live with black people why i’m not one of them? i know a friend of mine, everything he can do that is above the law he did it, shoot ppl, smoked, rob, all that shit but i known him from small & just because he do stuff completely that i don’t agree on (at times)but he is still my homie! and why am i not like him? because i know sure as hell my mother raised me to do better and it’s nothing to do with who i hang out with. because my mother teached me to think and do the right shit and because so, I’m in here in Holland (half way around the world) studying to be something better than in jail with the ppl i know.


    17. @dieAntagonista:
      If you had a list of ingredients labeled on you, id swear i would see somewhere around 70% bulls**t per 100grams

      There are many racially proud people within the human race who are quite intelligent, and who do recognize that each race and the sub-categories do have their own unique cultural identities, customs, etc

      Black can cover African, Indian, Pacific Islander, Fijian, etc

      Asian can cover Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, etc

      Jews, Homosexuals, persons born with Mental disabilities, and persons born with genetic mutations, are all self-explanatory

      at the end of the day, while it is of course vital to recognize the individual differences between each of the different types in their own categories, intelligent people can hold generalisations whilst still recognizing the inherent differences of each

      to put it in a manner that you may be able to understand dieAntagonista: a racial class is like a bag of jellybeans – it contains a mix of different types, and each of the types has its own individual ‘flavour’, and while one may recognise that they are all different in their own way, they too also realize that they are still just jellybeans


    18. @ColombianMonkey: Memorization is not what makes the human brain unique, actually I think it’s our ability to not memorize that distinguishes us. Most animals have no choice but to memorize, it really gets in the way of thought. We don’t have to count to 100 to get to 100. We understand what 100 means and knowing that allows us to skip 1-99 and go straight to 100. If you remember the gunface’s mom thread, that’s an extremely awkward way to get to 1000, but that is how a monkey would have to do it…everytime.


    19. I had to look up the definition, I’m not a skater/surfer “poser”, I don’t think I’m a troll.

      So I must be the “odd fellow”.

      Come on, am I the only one on this site that wouldn’t mind humanity going extinct?


    20. @Dreth: @aleph: i think you people have hit rock bottom of the internet


    21. Just be glad to know such a prestigious title doesn’t belong to 4Chan.


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