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Hey, guess who should definitely be fired for refusing to do his job? Dan Coverley. You don’t get to choose who you server and protect. Your job is to server and protect everyone in your community you racist shitheel.


These guys are the first in line for defunding. Read up a bit on how they evolved in the US & guess what, it’s mission creep on a grand scale. While no one was looking apparently.


Today, my local police department (Martinez, CA) told me that because I live on a privately owned road, they give zero fucks about any sort of parking/obstruction issues. Fire marshal says we have to pay to paint the curbs red because it’s a fire lane, cops don’t care if a car is parked in the middle of the street. They will only tow it if it has been reported stolen. I flat out asked him if that means I can park anywhere on the privately owned portion of the street, even blocking everyone in, and he said yes. I should… Read more »

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Sounds like you should get to deduct whatever percentage of your taxes pays for your local police department from your total taxes owed.

tiki god

if it really is a privately owned road you can sign a contract with a local towing company and they’ll usually do the towing for free. I know this because I did this, then had about 15 cars towed over the course of a year.

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