Gerrymandering Explained

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    I’m curious about this. My impression is that gerrymandering is a big issue in the USA, and at the same time the responsibility of deciding voting area boundaries is given to partisan bodies by whichever party is in power. In other countries that job is given to a strictly non-partisan body completely independent of party and government. It seems obvious that this is the right way to do it. Why has it been such a mess for so long in America? Brilliant cartoon though.


    They could print that on US currency: “It seems obvious that this is the right way to do it…”.


    Yes, it is total bullshit here in the USA. They’re redrawing the maps here in my state and what they’re coming up with is no better than what we currently have as regards to gerrymandering. We still have districts where a large mostly rural district reaches a tentacle in and grabs a decent portion of a large city. Not enough population to swing the district in a way that urban citizens usually vote, but enough to disenfranchise them. The Republicans were supposed to submit the new maps months ago but didn’t, they waited until after the deadline, refused to turn… Read more »

    Old Tofu

    we no longer have any “non-partisan body” in the USA. . . you’re either with the crazies or not LOL

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