Royal Wedding


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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    We the people reserve the right to be inordinately obsessed with anything we damn well choose to be obsessed with under our inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.


    Some of us are obsessed with make-believe fantasy sci-fi movies, super heros and some of us even spend whole weekends dressed up in costumes as our favourite super-heros, sci-fi characters and as furry pink animals. Some of us are so obsessed you would be hard pressed to believe our bedroom doesn’t belong to an eight-year-old rather than a 42-year-old virgin or semi-virgin. The one thing that usually most hear just before having a great hour of torrid sex is “Will that be cash or charge?” Some of us are so obsessed with our importance that we spend whole hours a… Read more »

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