I think it’s obscenely too soon to be making money off of 9/11, but who am I to say no to capitalism?

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    John G.

    We cannot collectively forget this happened or ignore it. Getting the story out is a worthy endeavor.


    Fahrenheit 9/11 was making money off 9/11 years ago. Did you blame “capitalism” for that? Did you complain that it’s release was too early?

    Apparently, it’s fine and dandy for a fat lying gasbag to make allusions in which the president “knew” thousands of civilians were to be massacred. It’s never too early to hate yourselves and your own nation, eh lefties?

    Those of us who live in a sane world know better. It’s never too early to honor our heroes.

    tiki god

    Fahrenheit 9/11 was more about asking questions about what happened then making a drama about the occurances of the day, even if the questions were uncomfortable at times, or even plain silly at others. (yeah let’s ask congressmen to sign up their kids).

    I’m pretty sure that it’s not a left/right thing to say that this movie wasn’t “honoring” anyone, other then the director/studio.


    Hey Greenchair: I complained about Fahrenheit 9/11 and this. Shut your fucking cockhole.

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