Serenity In Battlestar Galactica

Someone had mentioned to me that there was a pretty cool easter egg in the premier of the Battlestar Galactica Series. Turns out that the company that did the special effects for Firefly is now working on Battlestar. They included Firefly in one of the shots (with the secretary of education meeting her doctor) and it’s only visible for a few seconds, but there she is, one of the most beautiful ships ever to grace television. Sniff. oh gawd, I’m all choked up now…

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    Spaceships nowadays have not fucking character or personality. I’ve seen the full firefly and I still wouldn’t recognize it if it wasn’t pointed out to me.

    Give me an Enterprise or a Lexx or even a Mellinnium Falcom

    You fucking kids don’t know jack fucking shit about spaceships.


    I would beg to differ. The Firefly ship is actually a fairly unique design, even if based on a very old one. The design follows a basic insect/animal form. The Lexx and the Serenity were both modeled after insects, so I don’t see how you can say one has no character but the other does. Unless, of course, you dislike the creatures they were modeled after… In the StarTrek universe, I think the ships with the most character are actually the Klingon Birds of prey and the Reman Scimitar/Valdore. But while, at one point, the Enterprise was a unique ship,… Read more »

    tiki god

    oh man, B5’s ships were awesome


    Yeah, I’d have to say, as far as just wicked cool and unique ships, B5 probably had some of the best. My favorites were, of course, the Shadow Battlecrabs, the Centauri Vorchan Class starships, Earth/Minbari Victory class destroyers, And the StarFuries, to name a few. But what I really loved about the B5 ships was the sheer variety…

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