A message from the good guys in charge to the refugees fleeing your foreign policy


Candidate Kamala Harris signed on to a letter with fellow Democrats accusing the Trump administration of violating federal law when it closed down the Mexican border, citing the pandemic.

Vice President Kamala Harris backs the Biden administration’s decision to keep the border closed under that very same provision.

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    So you’re in favor of open borders then….?

    Are you confused….?


    You can’t answer a simple question, can you…?

    In favor of open borders or not….or just a fan of tepid mental gymnastics….?

    Or maybe you just like calling me names…..because that makes you look really smart….


    GTFO with your homophobic slurs.


    wow…you really are a moron.




    So tepid mental gymnastics it is…..

    What the fuck is it you think you’re doing here again….?


    My country isn’t responsible moron.
    I’m Canadian.

    You’re a hoot though….


    From one from the USA: Saying that a percentage of what you say has truth in it; what the fuck do you expect the handful of us at M[c]S, (power brokers that we are) to do about it? This is a very big country with vast and many, some uneducated, opinions; run by a few, for the most part, greedy, assholes. It’s disingenuous for you to pick now to cry and blame us about over a century of WORLD problems. It is difficult to even take your thoughts seriously when you are such a rude and insulting individual; and trying… Read more »

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