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    That’s a lame advert


    Last time I was in London the Pillar in Trafalgar Square had one of those things surrounding it. It was pretty fucking lame and ugly

    It’s fucking 35 though in Canada today so I’m not about to write off global warming atm


    It’d be a better picture if it was a hot chick rather than a dude.

    teezy weezy

    global warming is a lie.


    I’m down for a Water World era.


    Yeah yeah, Global Warming was a lie, the Moon was a lie, Grey Aliens did 9-11. Ron Paul will free the Metalheads, etc etc etc

    Does anyone remember that old greecemonkey script that let you baleet pHpBB? Someone needs to program one that automatically blocks all the nouns in my first paragraph from my goddamn view.

    Lord Cocksworth

    It’s pretentious bullshit advertising like this that makes it so hard for me to get behind the GW movement, even though I think they’re right in some ways.


    Even if the global warming peeps are off by a factor of 10 and shit hits the fan in 500 years, does that really diminish our responsibility to get our shit together? Nobody in their right mind can think our current strategy of doing next to nothing is good in the long term. I don’t just mean global warming; oil, precious metals, and the like are being used at an unsustainable rate. This means, logically, that sometime in the future WE WILL RUN OUT OF THESE THINGS. Lets not be assholes to our descendants and try to fix some shit proactively.



    For a split second there, I thought you were going to say GW Bush…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Global warming isn’t going to be solved
    1) Too many people refuse to believe the science.
    2) Too many people believe the science, but are unwilling to do anything substantial to change (eg Al Gore)
    3) Way, way too many developing countries that just don’t give a fuck either way.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    4) We’re already past the critical point in the CO2 feedback cycle: more CO2 -> more heat -> more CO2, ad infindum.


    I enjoy a good swim. I see nothing wrong with this picture.


    with enough global warmng- i’ll have beach front property, so i’m all for it. LOL



    it doesnt matter what you believe, want, or need

    people are self centered fucks

    there aren’t enough people who give a shit

    and the ones that do give a shit don’t matter



    Back during the 50’s, all the newspapers were fretting about global cooling.

    Back even further, during the 20’s, they were fretting about global warming.

    Forward back to the 80’s, the newspapers were fretting about global cooling.

    Now in the 21st century, we’re fretting about global warming.


    Read “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton. Interesting stuff he dug up in there.


    As much as I’m loathe to agree with diabeetus, he is right. Oh noes! Teh pink commie liberal thinks global warming is just a big government/corporate cash grab!!!1!!!1 zomgwtfbbqsauce!111! Things fall apart! Teh centre cannot hold! Mere anarchy is loosed upon teh werld! Teh blud-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere teh ceremony of innocence is drowned! Geddit? Drowned? Coz teh whole world is gonna flood lololololol! It’s in Revelations, people!


    Huh. Not entirely sure where I was going with that, to be honest. Except, perhaps, to point out that Yeats is badass.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    As usual, diabeetus is plain wrong. There was one Newsweek in 1975 about global cooling that gets trotted out every time someone wants to “prove” that “scientists can’t make up their minds. LOL.” The rest of his post about the 20s and 50s is completely unfounded garbage.


    I think we should take the words of George Carlin into consideration:

    … ok i don’t feel like listening to the exact track and then slowly quoting it out.

    but look up “The Planet is Fine” off the Jammin’ in New York cd. You will see my point


    Actually yes i do feel like quoting a bit. Just cause i have nothing to do. Pardon the expletives, and the somewhat incomplete-ness of the long quote.

    “Save the planet? We can’t even take care of ourselves! We haven’t learned to care for each other and we’re gonna save the planet? I’m tired of that!… There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PLANET! The planet is fine! It’s the people that are fucked! the planet has been here 4.5 billion years, and we’ve been here for 100, maybe 200,000 years, with 200 years of industry. 200 vs. 4.5 billion, and we have the conciet to think we’re a threat? The planet has been through all kinds of things worse than us. [List of dangerous stuff] and we think we’re gonna make a difference? The planet isn’t going anywhere. WE ARE. We’re going away. Pack your stuff. And we won’t leave much a trace behind- maybe a bit of styrofoam. Maybe. The planet will be here but we’ll be long gone. just another failed mutation. the planet will shake us off like a case of fleas… The planet will be here a long time after we are gone. And it will heal itself, cleanse itself. It’s a self-correcting system. And if it’s true that plastic isn’t degradeable, the earth will simply incorporate plastic into something new: Earth + plastic. [Long rant about plastic]. The planet may see us as a minor threat, and it will deal with us. It will think of something. [rant of earth’s defense].”


    Anyone that takes any stock in Diabeetus is just as much an idiot as he himself.


    I firmly believe in global warming, too many things happening for it not to be so. Living through three cat 3 and up Hurricanes in two consecutive years is enough to prove that, and it’s literally the tip of the melting iceburg. Truthfully, the Gulf has never been hotter then it is now. Last year there wasn’t so much hurricane activity, but it was because it was a dry year. This year has already had several hurricanes and there’s one in the gulf now. BRB Hurricane.

    Do you know that Alaska has frozen methane fields, and if these frozen methane fields were to all melt, like right now, that earth would be Venus’s identical twin? Oh, wait, the Methane fields in Alaska ARE MELTING and releasing a huge amount of methane into the atmosphere because there’s hardly any ice. Look it up, I dare you. Don’t get me started on the methane fields in the Ocean, some of which are in the ever increasingly warming Atlantic.

    Truthfully, we’re already fucked. It’s over, we just haven’t realized we’re dead yet, like a chicken with its head cut off. The time to fix our mistakes has come and gone.


    The earth is not a living thing. We’re fucked, perhaps, along w/ most forms of life, but the earth will be just fine. Even if it weren’t, it won’t know it and it won’t suffer.

    teezy weezy

    My BMW didn’t cause the last ice age or the warming up after, Global warming IS a lie, only the stupid will die.


    You people seem to be forgeting one important property of ice. When water freezes it EXPANDS! And when ice melts it CONTRACTS! If the polar ice contracts, it will displace less water. If anything should happen to the water levels, they should go down!



    The Earth has a circulatory system (rivers, oceans, water cycle, etc); resiriatory system (lungs-trees and plants, the atmosphere), parasites (us); nervous system (the satellite network encompassing it), etc…

    your body is about 75% water/25% mass. SO IS THE EARTH. your body keeps itself at a certian temperature constantly. Our planet, which is floating around out there in the cosmos at ungodly cold temperatures, also keeps itself at a set temperature…

    it’s a single parent-the moon is it’s child

    just as the human body is made up of trillions of smaller, individual living cells working to bring the whole organism to life, the parts of the earth work together (most of the time) to keep earth alive.

    wanna see a dead planet? L2Mars

    of course this post is laced with large amounts of internet sarcasm


    GLOBAL WARMING is bullshit

    it’s really a ploy to begin the New World Order

    once again GLOBAL WARMING is bullshit

    911 was bullshit
    USS Liberty was bullshit
    Arch Duke Ferdinand was bullshit
    Pearl Harbor was bullshit
    Gulf of Tokin was bullshit
    Balfur Declaration was bullshit
    United Nations are bullshit
    War on Terrorism is bullshit
    77 was bullshit
    Madrid was bullshit
    Anthrax was bullshit
    Religion is bullshit
    Schools is bullshit
    the Economy is bullshit
    fucking mondays are bullshit

    ahhh ahahhhh aahhhh


    Nice anthropomorphism but the Earth still is not alive and more importantly, it’s not sentient. I guess I should have included the sentient part in my original post. Mars may be a “dead” planet, but Mars doesn’t know it’s a dead planet. It’s a planet, not a being.

    All sarcasm removed. ;)P


    ::head desk at Gecko::

    Water levels aren’t going to go down. Yes, Ice takes up more room then water, but think how much ice is ABOVE sea level. Anyways, it’s not just about melting water raising levels, it’s about continual warming of the planet, the green house effect, methane and the like warming the planet too far. Put it this way, life will go on, but just as long as the water doesn’t boil. :p

    Have you heard of a run away green house effect? That’s what’s going to happen to us. Seriously, go look at Venus. Venus is Earth’s future.

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