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    tiki god

    Easy to make this argument when you start with a flawed premise: your taxes are filed securely, but they’re not double blind, which is a 100% requirement for voting to be safe.


    Any system of voting should be transparent to those who vote. If it’s too complicated for the average voter to understand, then it’s NOT transparent, and open to all sorts of abuse and fuckery. So far the only system that fits the bill is paper ballots. By all means, have machines count em (as long as hand recounts are still an option if the results are contested), but paper ballots are the only thing that is guaranteed fuckery-proof.

    tiki god

    you say everything should be transparent, but then say paper ballots are the way to go, which are anonymous.

    Old Tofu

    my paper mail in vote had my name and a tracking number


    Sorry, thought it was rather obvious that I meant “transparent” in the sense that they are countable in a a straightforward manner and harder to tamper with given simple protocols for handling them. Not “transparent” in the sense that any given vote can be traced to an individual voter. Who the fuck would advocate for that?