2 idiots standing near &quotthe claw” used to remove radioactive debris from reactor 4 Chernobyl The claw is one of the most radioactive things on earth

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    Karl Lewis

    Meh. Exposure time matters, as does the type of radiation, alpha, beta, or gamma. (It almost certainly isn’t gamma.)

    It’s not as if we don’t all, regularly, walk around in full view of an unshielded fusion reactor.


    I still think I would have wanted to get a reading off that thing before posing for a picture first.

    Too much expose to that giant unshielded fusion reactor can cause cancer too. Like you said, exposure time.

    Karl Lewis

    You’re right. I did not mean to imply that I thought there was no risk, there. It is a risk, and a stupid one, at that, for no apparent gain. (I mean, what’s that picture worth, really?) But radiation exposure is, on some level, just a statistical game… it might cause a carcinogenic mutation, and it might not.

    Clearly, pressing one’s thyroid gland up against a source of beta, or even alpha, radiation is asking for a kind of trouble that no one needs.


    if its so contaminated why is it unbagged and open like that. If it is conatminated so much that it would give off life thretening dose, then it deffinatly should be controlled. That thing has been sitting out in the rain and snow for decades. it probably isn’t that bad


    Maybe. But it’s still marked and I don’t think I’d enter the area without a Geiger counter, let alone pose for pictures with this thing without taking a reading first. Maybe they did. We don’t know.

    tiki god

    You think a plastic baggie is going to do anything there?

    Karl Lewis

    Polyethylene does, in fact, block alpha particles, but, only in thicknesses like a cutting board, a plastic bag won’t do much for you… that said, a plastic bag would prevent an item from shedding radioactive dust, which could be readily inhaled, if you know, you brushed up against an object to pose for a photograph, say. And, few good things happen when you put radio sources inside your lungs.

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