outside urinal

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    I hate this about urinal design. The chest height partitions are pointless. Maybe it would help you out if a drunk guy turns to have a conversation with you mid-piss but it’s not going to keep anyone from looking at your junk or prevent creepy eye contact.

    tiki god

    As a tall man, I really appreciate them. that guy is likely only about 5-6 feet tall, and I’d be able to easily see right into his stall if it only went to his mid chest or waist.


    I feel that your second sentence is incongruous with the implications of your first sentence. You are tall, the partitions are not, thus you would easily see his junk. In order to prevent the line-of-sight hazzard, the partitions should extend above eye level. All short partitions like this do is prevent bounce-back spray from hitting your neighbor and, as I stated previously, a drunk turning to face you mid piss and soaking your leg.


    Wait a minute! Eye contact at the urinal is “creepy”. Oh shit. I never knew!

    That… that explains a lot.


    What’s wrong with a simple trough? It’s worked fine since oh, Roman times or probably before that.

    tiki god

    Pollution and bugs, gross

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