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If we don’t see false accusations from the same type of parents that yell at the refs all game instead of cheering on their kid I will eat a basketball jersey.

Karl Lewis

GOP: Sure, more than half a million Americans are dead of COVID-19, while we did mostly nothing. Sure, many, many people are being financially ruined by the Pandemic, and we all voted against the latest relief package. But, we’ll prevent any boys from participating in girls’ sports, because *THAT’S* the real important issue, today. JHFC.

The King of Nothing

All the gross comments about how they would’ve “felt like a girl today to use the female showers after gym class” to fear monger against transgender people and fight for bathroom bills even though it’s still illegal to do THOSE kinds of things, but I bet not a single one of them will comment about the people that hypothetically could get into this line of work just to get to perform those “inspections” on underage girls legally.

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