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The film contains a scene where a jumbo jet crashes into an office block – as with the book cover this is reminiscent of the 2001 terrorist attacks and as such means the film, a mainstay of late-night television schedules over the years, is unlikely to be broadcast on television in the United States of America for some time to come, due to continued sensitivity over the subject matter.

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    so who believes that nostradamus knew shit was gonna happen, or was he just crazy?


    I have a better question to americans: do you guys thing that it’s a good idea to censor a movie just because it has something to do with planes? Not just that it crashes into building, but like the plane got hijacked or just goes down.


    I think we’ve been over it for some time. I mean, the movies “Flight 93” and “World Trade Center” came out without much problem.


    i think that was because they were based on the event that happened so people liked them because it helped them understand what happened to the victims but i do not believe in censorship myself and i think its dumb that they wont play a movie that was made a long time ago just because its close to what happend


    Old americans get all butt hurt over 9/11 cause they think “omg how could this happen,who would do this”.this is because they are all for the most part stupid fucking hippies who grew up on disney and played cowboys and indians with no real knowledge of how the world works. Now WW2 americans and young americans aren’t fucking morons and understand that this shit is the consequence of years and years of bad foreign policy and sticking our hands in everyones cookie jar, whether or not it was wrong we know it is in some small way our fault.we know… Read more »




    /salute Gaexion.


    Twas all a conspiraciez by the FBI nd PNAC to invade ur iraqz


    Deciding not to air a show != Censorship.


    Gaexion: Win. 1,000,000 Internets.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Right, the US is leader of the world.
    That’s why when we said “Invade Iraq” everyone went along with that plan. And international respect for the USA has just continued to grow ever since.
    And look how democracy as blossomed across the Middle East! Iran and Al-Qaeda are less influential than ever before! Thank you, neo-cons!


    diabeetus, you’re argument sounded alright BUT get a few facts straight. “Isolationist” and “Non-Interventionist” are two totally different things.

    And WTF makes you think it’s about “Democracy?” Because they tell you “We want to bring democracy to the people.” COME ON! All this shit about planting the “seed of democracy in Iraq and watching it grow” is utter bullSHIT. Look at Saudi Arabia (one of our biggest allies), with a royal family of over 3,000. You think they/we want democracy in the middle East. Fuck no, it’s a farce.

    Gaexion, props.