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Hetero republican soccer mom calls bouncer a “black cunt”.

Transgendered libertarian accountant calls bouncer a “black cunt”.

The only cunt in this story (other than the violent bouncer) is the asshole who decided to leap to all sorts of fucking conclusions about the woman with the foul mouth.


WTF…first off how in hell is it obvious that the “soccer mom”
is a republican or a democrat?
second…why was violence going down anyway? shit isn’t necessary. never is. people need to learn how to keep their nasty little opinions and such to themselves. of course…that will never happen because humans.

tiki god

yeah, but that’s a bouncer. I dont’ think there’s anyone out there that gets surprised when a bouncer starts bouncing people off the ground when they get lippy


There is absolutely no way to tell whether she is a republican, a soccer mom, or a fucking lesbian or a feminist. And yet, it is only my obvious conjecture that flies up your nose, and not the asshole’s that came up with the headline. Way to gloriously miss the point there, son.


Curious how this started…

tiki god

she was like “u wot m8” and he’s like “you’re drunk or high, go home” and she says “u wot nigga cunt” and he bounced her from the club. then got her ass handed to her.