Why I’m Voting Democrat

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    Well, I’m sold. The right’s hatred of communism is largely because it coincided with a famine. Communists beat us into space. God ain’t real, science is. “Traditional Family Values” = racism, sexism, homophobia If these people were “pro-life,” then they wouldn’t be opposing WIC, contraception, and gay adoption. They just want to punish women who have sex out of wedlock. No one is saying to eliminate all law enforcement. We just think they shouldn’t be able to afford department Lambos and fucking TANKS. Redirect some of that money into preventing the roots of crime. This one is pure right wing… Read more »


    Hey Tiki, why was this a perfect numbered list while I was typing it but now it’s an unnumbered paragraph?

    tiki god

    click on the “read more” link and it’ll show you as you originally formatted it. it condenses it for the condensed version that’s condensed.

    Old Tofu

    first time with sarcasm on the internet?


    I for one appreciate the honesty.


    Babies are the veal of the other-other white meat. That’s why I like my fetuses aborted at the end of the ninth month.


    Let’s be honest: the Democrats are as about as far away from communism as you can get.


    Grade “A” bait.

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