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    From two wars to seven, opened the Arctic to drilling twice, bailed out all the banks so no-one went without their bonus and the most deportations of immigrants of any president in US history… but he can speak like a motherfucker and that’s what matters the most.


    Compare to Trump, who actively wants to use a nuke, has opened our NATIONAL PARKS to drilling, gave most of the pandemic bailouts to companies that weren’t exactly struggling, and has actively LOST immigrant children to trafficking… and he can’t speak his native language with anything resembling competence.


    Obama and Biden built the cages that everyone complains about, but you pretend not to know that and everything smells of roses.

    Old Tofu

    then why wasn’t fox news reporting it? because the right doesn’t care. then they only separated people that were being charged with crimes. around 20%. now with a zero tolerance policy …let’s see if you can do the math


    presumably this meme was made long before Obama’s eulogy of John Lewis or his speech for the DNC…


    You didn’t watch either, did you…?

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