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Fark Sanders. He will never get a Primary vote from me, and millions of Primary voting Democrats feel the same way. He will lose, again.

tiki god

Why don’t you like Sanders?

Old Tofu

yeah, so many feel that way clinton had to cheat him out of the nomination last time and the wicked witch is acting like anyone wants her back. what I really can’t understand is how EVERYBODY knows the democratic party was railroading the more popular candidate , but the party pushed clinton out front . . . for money. why is anyone still a registered democrat when your vote doesn’t matter to your own party?


What I don’t like is that his supporters are like a cross between Scientologists and Stepford wives that spew Russian propaganda like “the fix was in for Clinton” as if it were Gospel truth. F them, F Russia, F Guccifer2, F Assange, F the lot of them.

Old Tofu

you do realize that when the info was leaked that the democratic party was screwing over sanders in favor of clinton the head of the dnc quit and IMMEDIATELY went to work for the clinton campaign. these are proven facts.


As a right leaning voter, I’d be thrilled if Sanders is the Democratic nominee. After what the party put him through in 2016, he deserves it in 2020. 🙂


He just might win the nomination, and then… well, have you ever seen a 1972 Electoral result map?