Comic Review for week of August 28th 2019

Not-snake eyes is under surveillance by Cobra! Yo Joe Cola makes an appearance!

More ninja on ninja violence, when will it stop? Hopefully not any time soon!

I absolutely loved this cover, it’s a fantastic celebration of the wonder of Marvel Comics. The content inside was a waste of time reading and had absolutely no redeeming value.

Poe belongs to the stars, but they shoved in someone else for this story to take the punch out of a story that should have been his alone.

I’m still missing #2 and #3, so I’ll hold off to review until those are done.

Love the cover, love the story, just wish we got more Trek comics of this quality.

Who knew that the cry baby general from the First Order came from a troubled childhood?

The end of an interesting story that ultimately went no where.

3-D gimmick! McFarlan is a great artist to do this with, as he’s always throwing extra stuff in for the backgrounds and his spidey art is highly dynamic. Specifically there was a scene with some pigeons flying around, then a scene with spidey in the air and his webs flying all around him that worked really well for the 3d effect.

continues to be the first thing I read when it comes time to reading my weekly pulls.

Not a great book, but come on, the parody cover alone was worth the price of admission.

I think I’m back on board with what’s going on here, the villains are more better well explained and there’s a guest star in the last panel!

The creative team on this book is just mind blowingly good. May they always have access to the Batfamily!

I love this cover and I love what they’re going for here.

And now, some reviews for books that didn’t just come out, but I just read:

An interesting concept and I’m surprised as how well it worked. LCS was having a half off sale on their hardcovers and I’d had my eye on this one for a while, and at that price it was well worth my time to read.

I actually bought the 8 single issues and the covers for them are pretty dope, they spell out AVENGERS and looks amazing all lined up. The story inside is not as interesting and seemed to meander for most of the mini series with no real point to the whole thing. I also bought the first mini series, it has the same situation, cool covers, but I’m assuming the story is going to be less exciting.

I think I bought these because I found them for three or four bucks each on amazon and I had read the Image Firsts version of the first issue and was somewhat interested in the story. It’s a great story and some good art, but at the end of the day I don’t think this series is for me.


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