Comic Book Panel of Manliness

There is nothing more manly then this panel.

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    let’s see

    no shirt: check
    guns: check
    Motorcycle: check
    ramrod: check
    cigar: check
    hot passed out chick: check
    brown skinned religous fanatic about to catch a beaten: check

    yea Nick got all the bases covered on this one.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The funny thing is: he didn’t intend to crash through that wall, he just has no depth perception.


    More like “there is nothing gayer than this panel” (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


    Why is he firing one gun straight into the air? Something tells me he’s shooting scientists on the second floor


    Nick just wan’t to wake up God for the big show.


    No, he’s wakin up Jeebus to tell him to get his ass down here cause he’s bringin the rapture!

    Kickin ass and chewin bubblegum, an’ he’s all out of bubblegum! (that’s why he moved on to the ceegar!)


    and it would be more manly if he had a bald eagle nailed to his chest.


    doesn’t looks anything like Samuel Jackson..

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