Exploding Kittens


Have you played this yet?  did you enjoy it?

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    I own the NSFW deck. The art is really great. The mechanics are okay. Not the greatest game but fun for a short time.

    tiki god

    have you played CAH? how does it compare?


    CAH is really great and has a lot of replay value. Especially if you keep making your own cards.

    Exploding Kittens is nothing like that. It’s more like UNO with a small twist. You try to have the right cards in hand to force other players to draw more and if you draw the Exploding Kitten you hopefully can defuse it with the right card. You explode, you loose. That’s basically it. The mechanics are rather boring compared to the theme and funny card text.

    tiki god

    excellent break down, thank you very much!

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