plant this page – save a bee

plant this page - save a bee

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    This is starting to be an epidemic. Beekeepers above all, are noticing a large decline in bee populations. Add this to soaring food prices with peak oil where most agriculture relies on cheap oil, in a 10/1 ratio of joules required to grow food. Add a dash of natural disasters and you’re f’d.


    We may have already passed into epidemic, but I don’t think it’s due to lack of suitable flora.


    it’s much more likely a response to the increasingly imbalanced chemical makeup of the bees’ ecosystem as a whole. we don’t notice any one big thing to point the finger at, but something or maybe everything has shifted just a bit out of their range of tolerance

    Billy Manic

    Certain groups blame it on cell phones.


    Certain groups also think that homeopathy works.


    Certain groups believe the plants are releasing neurotoxins that will make us kill ourselves.

    [/reference to a shit film]


    I heard that it was because the African killer bees are competing against them


    I did my part and printed the picture out and planted it. Go Earth!


    . Atm, there are several groups thinking of simply importing more Americanized bees into the states to make up for the loss of European ones. Yes thats right, the bees that kill people.



    WTF? are you seriously suggesting that we deliberately introduce bees from a gun culture into the peaceful world of the European honeybee?? That will be the beginning of the apocalypse


    Scientists have a better understanding of colony collapse disorder. Australian bees were brought over and with them came a virus that is killing the European honeybees.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Do you have a source for that? This is the most recent article I could find and it says nothing about Australian bees or a conclusive cause.

    madhouses visites

    Healthy Australian bees infected with an Israeli virus kill European bees in America…

    Terrorist plot?


    its happening…….

  • Here's a few awesome images!