Watchmen: The Game

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    meh? If you couldn’t understand why the pirate comics were spliced in and if you don’t understand why things had to end the way they did and if you hate comics with wordcounts over 1000 then you should probably just keep your whore mouth shut.


    I liked the last frame.


    The last frame was good, but too much buildup and not enough payoff.


    So… I liked Watchmen just fine, but can’t we all agree it was just the teeeeeniest bit pretentious without getting stoned to death in the village square?


    @CathyLong: @Sticky: i dunno- i think it’s perfect- how the hell can the generation that the movie (and gods forfend, any potential games) is marketed to understand the themes the book is based on? I mean, I’m not saying you had to be alive during the arms race to get the story, I certainly wasn’t, but the book is written to get messages across, and the bulk of our population wants that shit predigested for them. A to jump, B to punch, Z to encapsulate the concepts of predestination, free will, right and wrong, freedom, fear of the unknown, man’s… Read more »


    I just find it sad that a whole generation of illiterate twerps will be digesting the glossed over Hollywood version of yet another great book. And if the movie sucks they will never even read the book because they will assume it sucks as well. :/ That makes the English teacher in me die a little.

    The last frame made me laugh, the others were just sad attempts at mocking elements of the book I am willing to assume the comic creators didn’t quite grasp or have the patience for.


    maybe that’s just the difference between our internal English teachers- I’m hoping that the last panel indicates that the author did get the book, and is mocking the youths.
    if not, then fuck ’em. fuck’m all.


    I’m hoping that’s what it was… HOPING.


    @CathyLong: Reminds me of Starship Troopers. The movie only had a passing resemblance to the book and got the book’s philosophy completely wrong. But, like elzarcothepale said, most people wouldn’t get the book. Usually, you can readily identify them as those who say the movie accurately reflected the book’s government.


    This strikes me as a very accurate portrayal of 90% of America’s youth’s reaction to “Watchmen,” whether it be in book, film, or video game form. The other 10% are incredibly lucky.

    Luke Magnifico

    I wanted to read Watchmen, I really did. I was going to buy the one volume edition of the complete collection, because there’s no comic shops here. Well, there’s a Forbidden Planet about 2 hours away, but damned if I’m trekking out there. So I’m getting some money together, and then they announce the movie.

    The book goes from €80 to €230.

    Fuck that shit.



    Download it?


    Anyone know where this is from?




    @LukeV1-5: I actually have an e-copy of Watchmen if you’d like it.

    It can be obtained from here : with the relevant bittorrent appliances!


    Zack Snyder changed the ending—it’s not going to be the giant alien octopus. For that, I’m disheartened, but it’ll still be an amazing movie on its own merits.

    Billy Manic

    Hahaha fuckin’ spot on. I don’t know how they can make a game out of Watchmen.


    @Billy Manic:
    Its a prequel.


    @RSIxidor: Yeah, that might work.

    Still trying to decide whether or not to see the movie. The beauty of the giant ‘space’ octopus was how far outside the box it was, how it was inspired with Alexander’s solution to Gordian Knot.

    The repetition of the ‘Who watches the watchmen’ line in the promos and merch, which wasn’t that prevalent in the book, is also disheartening.


    Also; fucking awesome comic!