memorial guidelines

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Honestly, when my mother passed, I hated those phrases too, they’re so mindless and meaningless.

That being said, at her memorial there were plenty of board games, pictures, music and alcohol, so we didn’t hear too many weasel worded phrases like these!

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    Please elaborate on the bear


    Nvm bear hugs I thought there was an actual bear there

    tiki god

    no bears permitted!


    I’ve always hated people saying “it’s all part of God’s plan.” This God fella must have a fucked up plan if the only way to make the Universe work was to make a troubled young woman kill herself. He needs to go back to the drawing board.


    A few years back when our 5-year-old nephew Jan (Dutch for John) died. Instead of a funeral, his family decided to celebrate Jan’s life at a local park with a barbecue and beer, jumping castles for the children, a top-notch magic show (which he loved), games, a pool party, his young dream was to be an Olympic diver ;). On the invitation was a stern warning that no morbid thoughts about his suffering or his long sickness would be tolerated – this was to be a celebration of a young Jan’s life. There was also a stern direct warning to… Read more »

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