Giant Crystal Cave

Giant-Crystals-Cave-Naica-Mine-Chihuahua-Mexico-02.jpg (125 KB)

Giant-Crystals-Cave-Naica-Mine-Chihuahua-Mexico-03.jpg (92 KB)

Deep below the surface of an isolated mountain range in Mexico sit two rooms of splendor: translucent crystals the length and girth of mature pine trees lie pitched atop one another, as though moonbeams suddenly took on weight and substance. In April 2000, brothers Eloy and Javier Delgado found what experts believe are the world’s largest freestanding crystals while blasting a new exploration tunnel deep in the silver, lead and zinc Naica Mine of southern Chihuahua.


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    So NK’s finally built his dream house, complete with giant things to shove up his ass


    No more secret Fortress Of Solitude 🙁

    casemods UID# 667

    look at all that meth!


    You require more minerals


    Wow! que maravilloso, estas maravillas fueron encontradas en Chihuahua.

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