Timid Men

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    …said a slaveowner.

    Old Tofu

    then compared to him they would be timid? right? and that’s slave humper to you sir,good day.


    I know….the irony huh…?
    Slavery being like the exact opposite of “liberty”….


    Timid men everywhere rejoicing that they can dismiss his wisdom because of his participation in the custom of the day. Was he kind? Anybody know? Anybody care?


    Fans of dissonance will love “run to high ground!” Gore owning a waterfront plantation, the obamas dining like royalty while school children chow down on compost, obama taking care of osama but everything else that happened on his watch is Bush, and the legion of gun banning hypocrites with CCW and armed bodyguards … and I could go on but truth and fact have no place with those giving The Narrative a jolly reacharound.