Tandy 5000 MC Professional System


Looks like I’ll be needing to upgrade my system, I hear they’re coming out with a system that will “run on windows” whatever the hell that means…

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    That’s gotta be fake, yeah? Cuz you could get a Mac Plus or SE for a third that price back then. I remember my brother being able to afford a MacPlus on first release and he didn’t have some high paying job.


    Actually that’s about right. The 286 was prevalent until about the end of 90 for home users. A 386 was still really only available for high end business use and would of been very expensive.

    Also the systems you refer to I believe only ran in the 12-16mhz range and probably only came with a mb of ram. The difference may sound minimal but was night and day in practice. Believe me I exploded universes in tradewars (the ancient bbsers will know what I’m talking about here) on both a 286 12 and a 386 20 and the difference was almost an hour.

    /feels old


    Yeah, 386s started to get affordable in the early 90s – I remember at university in 1992 all my friends with financially stable parents were buying Osborne 386 packages (around the 33MHz mark as I recall) for a few thousand. Three years earlier, I can believe the 386 was bleedin edge and therefore very very expensive.


    That is a real article, buddy of mine still has a few of the old Tandy Catalogs. I’ll if i can find ya a good one.


    It may not be fake, but it’s not “real” either; a Mac II in 1987 WITH a 20MB hard drive running at 16Mhz was “only” $5500 (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_II), and there’s no way a Tandy was ever more than a Mac. In any case, notice something? No dollar signs. This site ( www.johnpap.net/not-en/ypoEnArxh/RadioShackTandy5000MC.htm ) mentions that the ad came from a South African magazine. In 1990, one dollar bought you 2.5 Rand, so the price in dollars was around $3400. Add the fact computer hardware was already marked up when sold overseas, the price for this computer at that time in the U.S. was probably between $2500 and $3000. Nobody ever paid US$8500 for this system.


    I’ve been meaning to upgrade my computer.

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