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Long read, but worth it.

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    Ok I was 100% on message with this whole piece, right until the last panel. Tell me, how exactly does At&T, Taco Bell, Sony, or McDonald’s corporation owe me anything? I get it that advertisers are a pain in the ass, and yes they are trying to make you feel bad so that you ‘ll spend your money on their product so that you can feel better about yourself. I got that. It’s complete bullshit at the amount of things advertisers get away with legally. Again though, what do those companies owe me? If I don’t like their message or… Read more »


    Tell me this, genius, what country has communism (the polar opposite of free market) worked? It hasn’t. Free market definitely has drawbacks, however, it is still the best system of doing any form of business that man has come up with. How do we know this? Because countries who have true free market economies have the highest GDP, and their citizens have the highest standards of living. Do you honestly think you would be better off in Russia? How about in China? Anywhere in the middle east? South America? No wait. All of those people are coming to the U.S.… Read more »


    “and attempt to micro manage the lives of their citizens. Something you retarded liberals keep trying to do here”
    Yeah, damn liberals championing the recreational drug prohibition and trying to stop people from getting abortions. Those liberals should stop trying to micromanage people’s lives.

    In case you missed my point: liberalism inherently values civil liberties. People in the US tend to use ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ when they mean Democrat or Republican, but both of those parties have agendas that don’t line up that way.


    AdBlockPlus,, spam filters, and DVR fast-forwarding offer minimal effort methods to reclaim your attention, your time, your life.


    Aww, the poor little libtard couldn’t dispute me on facts, and instantly goes to the “strawman” logic argument. Tell me, bitch, how does the corporations owe any of us anything? Wait, they don’t. The whole point of the original picture is complete liberal trash based on the entitlement mentality as espoused by liberal trash, college professors. Congratulations on showing all of us that you are were a good little student who soaked in every bit of that brainwashing you were fed. Well Done! I so wish you, and all of your commie ilk would just fucking leave and go to… Read more »