Even Steven?

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From: The Pain: When Will It End

The author has a pretty eloquent statement about this piece on the link above.

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    Oh man, remember the chick on even stevens? What happened to her?

    Rage 0

    I second Bakudai’s motion.

    Alec Dalek

    Third world nations of the world, take note. The US economy is based primarily on building more and more bombs. After a while they pile up and they need to move their merchandise. Do the math.


    You need to add: “So do not give them a ready excuse to move the merchandise to your corner of the world.”


    what the fuck are you trying to say? remember USA is big but not enough to hide when real terrorist or people tired of that democratic stuff that have been given to them start to buy those precious bombs guns and any killing machine. so USA remember having a lot of bombs but not fingers to press the button its not gona help you. I said that because am from a foregine country not for another reason and I felt like insulted.