I want Pizza!

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At Sunday, the Bundestag elections will be held in Germany, so there are posters of different parties everywhere. The poster on the left is the original poster of the right-winged NPD. A few activists had a bit of fun in the city of Nuremberg and pasted new posters over many of them. The old one reads:
“Support families- save (the) future” “Rainer Biller (his name)” and “Germanys strong right-wings- the Nationals”

New one:
“Pizza is very yummy!” “I want pizza!” “That is how little pizza Germans eat! That is stuupid!” “For a tolerant and colourful society- the National Pizza-Germans”

Quite funny when you drive by and don`t expect it.

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    This rules. They’re not as creative with making fun of any parties here, unfortunately. You get an occasional, look I drew a Hitler moustache on his face, or look I attached the male genitalia to his skull, but nothing more.

    Alle Pizzas gehen hoch!


    Ha! Nice. Not that he really had a chance to begin with.


    Germans have the funnest politics!


    The NDP reminds me of Dr. Strangelove. It’s always trying so damn hard to keep that velvet-gloved palm from shooting to the sky in a nazi salute with the thin guise of politically correct racism.

    Neo-nazis are fun.

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