X-men pool

X-men pool.jpg

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    Is this Rob Liefeld?


    It sure looks like Rob Leifeld’s work.



    You don’t think it looks like Leifeld then….?


    So who do you think it is then….?

    is a wierdish way to start a porn


    I love that Logan’s idea of a swimsuit is denim shorts. He probably just cut the legs off his jeans and called it a day.

    Also, Rogue… awfully considerate of her to wear gloves, but those thighs can kill someone.


    Wow someone found a copy of the old Marvel swimsuit issue form the 90s

    tiki god

    this was a pinup from x-men #1 too i think.


    Okay, there Scott/Cyclops, Ororo/Storm, Logan/Wolverine, Betsy/Psylocke, Hank/Beast, Rogue, Warren/(arch-)angel, Bobby/Iceman, Piotr/Colossus, and Jean or Rachel Gray. Who are the women behind Iceman, on Beast, in front of Colossus, and next to Jean/Rachel? And who is the guy with the brown ponytail?


    My guess is the woman with Iceman is Opal Tanaka, and the one on Beast’s back is Trish Tilby, their respective girlfriends at the time. The girl posing with Colossus is obviously Jubilee, and the lady Gambit is creeping on… I have no idea.

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