Lex Luthor


Oh man, it might be a repost, but it’s  a SEXY repost.


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    I hate to say it, but bald Spacey as Luthor is actually sexier than the above post of Kirsten Dunst.

    I am a straight, married male.

    Now that’s just sad, but she does indeed look like a post-op tranny.


    If I was a chick I think he would be “foine” and “teh sex”.


    A decent movie but, just like the 70s version, Lex stole the show. I went to see this for Spacey and Spacey alone.

    (And Singer should have kept the musical theme under wraps until Supes first appearance alongside the plane.)


    For all those Kevin Spacey fans out there, go see the new movie “21”. Really.


    In before the “40 cakes” jokes. That’s as many as four tens. And that’s terrible.


    Kevin Spacey was the only worthwhile part of Superman Returns. At least he was able to make me feel like I’d not completely wasted my time and money.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Bitch stole my cakes.


    Why…WHY…if you had a multi-million dollar budget and could write a Superman film, WHYYYY would you choose a villain who’s sole power is being smart and bald? And not particularly smart at that–just a lot of bald. Most boring film villain possible; why not Metallo or Bizarro or Brainiac?

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