Female Darth Vader

Female Darth Vader

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    now THAT’S a real woman!
    You can do some proper NOM NOMMING on something like that.

    Brevity Truta

    What’s the bet she’s into asphyxiation sex play?


    A blind female Darth Vader! That is most certainly a cane.

    Brevity Truta

    It is, too. Haha it just gets kinkier.


    Nicely put together that’s for sure!


    I’m surprised nobody has shown pessimism as to what her face actually looks like. What happened internet? I believed in you once.


    She’s a Vader dude… her face is probably half melted and mutilated. Don’t wanna see that shit when I’m bumpin boots with her. And speaking of boots… HOT DAMN THOSE ARE FINE!


    Never one to pass up a picture of a woman in various stages of undress, but that’s all this is–a woman in a stage of undress, with a Vader helmet on. The continuity is grating. Vader is all about the full suit, cape, the non-fleshness of him. This is like someone going to a costume party wearing their jeans and a T-shirt but with a mask on, they just happen to be a hot chick.


    You killed your entire argument with that last part… “they just happen to be a hot chick.”.

    Welcome to the internet. Tits are always relevant.


    rompSku: And rest assured, if you hadn’t killed it yourself, someone would have been in after you to finish the job.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Darth Pudgepot.

    Send fatty to a gym.


    Keep her away from that gym! Skinny girls are overrated. Most men don’t like women with pokeybits and that fuck like a skeleton.

    Most men like a girl with meat on her bones. You want soft skin and no curves? So do pedophiles. I want to have sex with a FEMALE.


    ieattime20: Indeed. This woman is perfectly fine. Skeletons are for Halloween…

    Tomorrow is dedicated to them. The rest of the year is off limits. And I’d like to keep it that way… 😀

    I know you like ’em slim, Aus Butt, but seriously, where’s your cut off? Or do you just have a thing for bulimic women? 😛

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