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HMS Ark Royal Emerges from the Mist to Dock in Portsmouth for the Final Time

lol, not even close to our FREEDOM CARRIERS

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    “lol, not even close to our FREEDOM CARRIERS”
    That’s because we don’t have to compensate for anything, before you make stupid comments remember we had the largest ever Empire and the Royal Navy is the oldest organised paid service in the world and arguably the first global entity.
    /sits back and waits for the three year olds to reply with lol you’re a cock type comments

    tiki god

    mmmm, fallen empires.


    All empires fall eventually.

    Dyon 86

    Yea, the Greeks used to have a great empire once as well, what are they doing now – kebabs!


    kind of a three year olds’ argument style by preemptively making declarations about debate opponents before you’ve even met them.

    Either way, cheers. Let us know when we have to save your useless asses again come the next world war.


    Somebody’s being Nationally Defensive. 😀


    Decades of socialism and PC have changed both the RN and the UK. The legendary frigate Captains of the Napoleonic era wouldn’t recognize whatever that was when the Iranians kidnapped a small boat party a couple of years back and the wimpy local RN response. “What was” is fairly irrelevant compared to “what is”. We might as well yap then about Venice and Spain and Carthage. I was going to say China too, but it seems comebacks are possible. Modern US carrier design with the exception of nuclear propulsion, is based almost entirely on innovations made by the RN. So… Read more »


    “…had the largest…” Who’s compensating for what? US Super Carriers aren’t compensating for anything except for the inability of Europe, including the UK, to take action which secures international sea trade. The UK was something special, now it is just another member state in the EU well on its way to losing its culture, language and freedom.