Semper Pulchrum

semperpulchra.jpg (331 KB)

(And no: not 100% certain about the Latin.)

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Warning: JROTC=Jailbait


    I think it would be Semper Pulchra


    And they say soldiers aren’t brainwashed into performing certain tasks.


    Always Beautiful


    bah she will be 18 in a few years


    I was in AFJROTC for 4 years in HS, the 2 years in ROTC in college. I can neither confirm nor deny the implications of this image.

    I can confirm that I do not miss putting my hair up.


    The patch on her sleeve says “Junior ROTC” that means High School. In college, it’s just called ROTC. And pedo is pre-pubescent, it has nothing to do with the arbitrary legal limitations placed on the age of consent.

    Anyone in JROTC is at least 15 and decidedly NOT PedoBear approved.


    what does she have in her mouth?

    Luke Magnifico

    @ColombianMonkey: Seems to me….

    Seems to me, that is some kind of…


    Some kind of phallus.


    She will be a great addition to the Corps.


    Sir! Isn’t my toothbrush a little thick? Sir.

    tiki god

    dammit, I did four years of NJROTC, how did I not notice the junior patch?


    @tiki god: So the Navy did have its hooks in you in some small way. That does explain a few things.
    had to look at the full size image to see the jrotc on the patch, and to figure out what she had in her mouth. She is definitely in training, cause that popsicle hasn’t even begun to melt. Would like a follow up progress report on this one in a few years.


    @SumoSnipe: Anyone in/associated with the Marines has the Navy’s hooks in them.
    The Marines are under the “jurisdiction” of the Navy and it pisses them off if you bring it up! lol


    @j_bryon: Oh, I know. I used get into a lot of friendly fracases with my amphibious green little cousins when I was in the Fleet. Had to sass, dis, burn and put ’em in their place, But didn’t actively hate them like some of my shipmates.
    After all, they really liked doing the heavy and dirty work.