Hitler Wanted Poster


Did they really make a wanted poster for this emo man?


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    Some Guy

    This looks like a pro war propaganda. It’s not official it’s just someone using the article to draw support from Brittish citizens to start a war with Germany.

    Remember, there was a time when the world turned a blind eye to Hitler and to some even thought he was a great man.

    tiki god

    Some Guy
    Even to this day some people idolize him, some for the right reasons (fancy that hair do!) and other for the wrong reasons (dude, that mustache is out of control)

    Some Guy

    True, I guess I was talking about how he was Time’s man of the year not once but twice.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Add to that there is strong evidence indicating he never died.

    The FBI still has an open file on him.

    fact – the body that was found was identified by the dental records

    fact – Hilter wore false teeth

    fact – Hilter kept a look alike with him at all times

    fact – days before the war ended 4 high ranking Nazi officers underwent reconstructive surgery to alter their appearances.


    hitler never died? as in, he’s alive today?

    oh yeah. he is currently living in the White House


    The life of a conspiracy theorist is always intense.


    he jumped back on his spaceship after taking an earth woman for his wife and then he flew back to Betelgeuse and is planing to bring back his new hybrid betelgeusian humans to take over. i know all this because a renegade telepathic lizardman from Sirius told me all about it and how if the allies didn’t win we would now be sold to the betelgeusians rather then are lizardmen masters who are ruling the government from area 51 or under Antarctica. now we must join the renegade lizardmen and revert to native american ideas and create crystals to break the evil spells of our current masters because they don’t like the light and worship the old one of dark. even though they can travel millions of miles instantaneously they need us a sacrifice they just can’t do it yet because they only sent like 7 lizardmen to take over and they need like 14 because they are all powerful worshipers of the dark one. and it also takes 10000 years to hatch from an egg. so we still have time to become gods and worship the light and join the battle between the light and the dark ones. my source has to stay quiet and can not talk or leave his house or communicate in any way he is pretty much in a coma but suddenly he becomes clairvoyant and speaks out about what is happening in the world and he only eats chickens because hes a lizardman alien and everyone likes chickens


    you know, that was actually a joke. i doubt hitler could still be living. and Bush deserves every lame joke we make at his expense, as he’s an ass-tard.

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