America fuck yeah

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    This is incredibly deceptive. The key phrase here is DISCRETIONARY spending. Social security, medicare, etc… are not discretionary. The military budget as a % of total spending is approximately 20%. Social welfare programs account for more than 60% of total budget. This also doesn’t include local taxes, of which more than 60% goes to schools.


    Why post a chart that only covers discretionary spending? To deceive the average person reading this chart into thinking this is the entire budget. Social Security and Medicare/Medicade are welfare programs and you and your employer are footing the bill for those already in the program. The money you’re putting in won’t be there when you retire. Hopefully, your kids and grand kids will be around to pay for your check at that time.


    Wait – Social Security is a government expense? So why have I been getting $$$ taken out of my paycheck every month for Social Security? See that “FICA” deduction on your paycheck? That stands for “Federal Insurance Contributions Act” and it covers Social Security and Medicare. I don’t consider it “welfare” when I pay into a program and then get money back as outlined in the program. I consider it an investment paying off. Seems to me like YOU’RE the one being deceptive calling something that I paid for with my own hard earned dollars “social welfare” and considering it… Read more »



    Thank you for buying into the Hype. The Supreme Court decided in 1937 (Helvering v. Davis) that Social Security is NOT an Insurance Program, but was in fact a Tax. Moreover, in 1960 (Fleming v. Nestor), the Supreme Court stated that you have NO Right to receive Social Security Benefits. If the House and Senate passed a Law ending Social Security and the President signed it, you are just flat out that money.


    Total Federal spending was $3.8 trillion not $2.9 trillion as specified in the pie chart. Take out $1 trillion, 25% of total spending of of course the military spending percentage goes way up. I believe DOD spending was around $640 billion in 2013 not the $830 billion referenced in the chart. SO, inflate the numerator by around 1/3 and reduce the denominator by about 1/4 and the result is the chart above. DOD spending is enormous it is not as large a portion of Federal spending as this deceitful chart indicates. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not… Read more »