Conspiratorial mumbo jumbo?

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Mumbo…Perhaps. Jumbo… Perhaps not!

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    I know people need to find their own ways to work through and make sense of tragedies, but come on, man. There’s enough stupid in this world. This was a high-profile attack during a unique and specific event by someone who wasn’t even willing to go down with the ship like most of the zealots who commit these acts. They were even more of a selfish coward than we’re used to seeing and, no matter how you slice it, were not manifesting the almighty’s intent. Are there really people out there who kneel before an assumed deity that reacts to… Read more »


    I’m certain the FBI has a very thick file on the WBC, and I’m sure if there are any links at all they will be run down.
    But this one just doesn’t fit their MO.
    Don’t worry, it might take time, but they’ll get them.


    Perhaps the government is reminding you that the “bogeyman” is still there…


    yeah sounds like a false fag

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