Man Vs God

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    I like this.


    wtf i wanna catch lightning!


    I want to be able to configure it back into yellow dna too!


    hey big bearded dude, don’t throw your shit on us!


    “TAKE THAT- invisible imaginery old omnipotent man who lives in the sky and kills babies for no reason!”…


    reminds me of bioshock


    so man fights god with his DNA?

    like a monkey flinging poo


    Haha, god’s fooked!


    If God exists, he’s a sick bastard. Which in that case, I rather go to hell and hang out with the Devil. Least there’s no false advertising with Hell. :/


    Makes me sad how lost all of you are.



    Wait wait wait! How lost are we? And how are we lost in the first place?


    MantheHarpoons must be one of those born again Christians. XD

    You know, Harpoons, your name obvious refers to fat people, and insulting them, etc, etc, but if you’re Christian, that isn’t very Christian like, is it? So who’s lost? Us in our nonbeliefs or you in your hypocrisy?




    God creates nature and man twists it into science to destroy God? Sounds about right.

    Lord Cocksworth

    Harpoons! How nice of you to join us from underneath your bridge!


    Makes me sad how sad harpoons is. Because its surely sadness and not condescension.


    Man fights religion w/ science. Why the fuck does religion keep winning?


    I’ve taken to worshipping Shai-Hulud, the Priestess Sheena, and St Alia of the Knife.



    Religion has an agenda, ($$$), and obseesed people forcing “faith” down gullable idiots throats.

    Athiests don’t have any agenda, no meetings, and we don’t try to convert anybody. We know there is no god, no devil, no heaven, no hell. We’re not scared of the invisible man who lives in the sky.

    If you’re religious and upset by what I said- I DARE you to get a dictionery, look up “FACT”, then look up “FAITH”. When I was doing my “searching”, those two words really helped free my mind.


    I guess I already knew that; I just get annoyed sometimes. You simply cannot argue religion w/ a believer (no matter how modest their belief is), yet they always want to have argument. I hate the pseudo-philosophical arguments and the even-less-than-pseudo-science that is employed by the religious. They pretend they’re going to fight us on our ground, then make up a strawman, knock it down and say “See?” and I’m left arguing the problem of the strawman fallacy. Then it looks like it’s a real debate to the uninitiated. They do seem to have their expert orators and champions of rhetoric. Ah, to hell w/ them…no wait…FUCK!


    Storm spelled dictionary incorrectly. Isn’t that ironical?

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