Abstinence Ads

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    People these days make a big thing out of everything, now getting deflowered before your marriage sounds like a life and death situation

    God damn christians


    Yeah, people nowadays. They used to fuck like donkeys way back when…in church.


    I dont go in your churches, stay out of my bedroom


    i bet they stole that black kids picture out of a yearbook. poor bastard.


    1. And after you become an engineer you’ll get none.
    2. Yes, bloody sex is always fun.
    3. None of you can get a lay, admit it.
    4. I hope I only meet nazis.
    5. Very Christian of them.


    I would completely wreck “empty promises” dude.


    The desk is now ruined with spit coffee.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    “I want to be an engineer…sex can wait.”

    Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Your average engineering student isn’t exactly a huge poon magnet.


    What are the regrets/consequences they’re trying to avoid? Anything a condom wouldn’t prevent?


    Well, my parents were the good kind. They didn’t want me to have sex, but they made sure I know what safe sex was.

    There reasoning for promoting abstinence before marriage (which I ignored) was that they didn’t want me to go through emotional distress before I was prepared for it, in the case that I thought someone loved me but it turned out they just wanted a lay (HAHA). They felt that I would be emotionally and spiritually prepared when I got married. Like magic the day I get married. Like magic.


    I believe it’s for the sake of purity, not anything to do with STI’s or pregnancy, so a condom wouldn’t help.

    To them it’s something like, “sex is a gift from God, and is special, so we should only share it with our lovers in marriage. Otherwise, we would indulge in our desires and passions, which is not godly.”

    Luke Magnifico

    Obviously Protestants. Were they Catholics, it would be less “Don’t have sex before marriage” and more “Get married right the hell now so you can have lots of sex and have SO MANY BABIES”.

    There’s a subtle difference.


    #4 is a complete and total WTF. Awesome.


    America needs to get kinky again.


    I would never marry a virgin. They’d be HORRIBLE in bed.


    When did Jughead become Hitler?


    No one notices the part about the kid’s sister? Seriously?


    I did… I wish I didn’t…


    The only thing abstinence is giving you are a few extra years without sex…years you’ll never get back!


    My 3 are 26, 24, 24. I was happy I didn’t have to deal w/ any oops pregnancies, but now I’m wondering if I’m gonna have grandchildren at all. Not that worried though. 😉


    well, the first one is crap, most monkies dont have the patience to study engineering, and the ones that strangely do are sure as hell gonna put sex as a priority for stress relief at the end of the day, then fail their studies because they spent more time screwing than studying at home

    the last one fails because its just old fails trying to use some BS to sound cool and hopefully attract young people to the daydreams of mainstream religious ideals