Defiance – The Video Game of the Television series of the Video Game

defiance title screen

Anyone else pumped about this?  The television show seems like it’s not complete shit and the video game feels like an MMO Borderlands, which is awesome.

Here’s some space ships from the series:

Defiance Syfy spaceships

From what I can gather, it’s set 30-40 years in the future after the above mentioned space ships showed up.  We kicked their asses, but in the process they (nuked?) terraformed a portion of the planet and there’s a huge graveyard of “ark” ships floating around our planet.  The television show follows a guy that’s an ark hunter but gets pulled into being responsible for a small border town.  In the video game you play a fellow ark hunter that’s hunting down arks as their orbits decay and they crash land on the surface.

Lots of fun guns and FPS shit.  Not sure if I’m interested in pre-ordering though.

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    Never pre-order. Not even a Blizzard game.


    ^^^^^ TRUTH ^^^^^


    Especially a Blizzard game.


    This rule is only true for non-Starcraft Blizzard games and all other games.

    I’ve gotten the collector’s edition of Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm both on pre-order and it was totally worth it.


    it reminds me of planetside, just not as far in the “future”


    I want this to be awesome. I really do. But, have you ever seen original SyFy programming?
    I read where if you play the game, you can continue a storyline that you saw on tv the night before. That sounds fantastic, right? But, have you ever seen SyFy original programming?

    tiki god

    well I’ve seen the first 14 minutes of this one and it wasn’t half bad.

    And by “original programming” are you referring to shit like “piranha 3dd” or “Eureka”. Cause the latter was awesome. The former, not so much.


    only bad thing I can see…is the game is planned to change based on events in the show…and the show is planned to change based on players actions in the game…which boils down to if one flops, both do…also there will probably be people naming their characters thinly veiled sexual innuendos in hopes of getting giggles from hearing them mentioned on the show.


    Dont buy it, it will be F2P in less than 6 months.

    tiki god

    and now the series has been canceled.

    boo. I enjoyed it while it was on though!

  • Here's a few awesome images!