Barbarella Movie Poster

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    “your perfect skin, plastic kiss, electric barbarella” 🙂

    Webster Smogpule

    When I die, I want to come back as the orgasmatron.

    Phil Elmore

    Cut from the final portion of the movie is where she travels to the evil aliens’ home planet, sits in one of their anti-spacecraft guns while pretending to shoot down Terran gunships, and spits on the corpses of captured Earthling space troopers while currying favor with the aliens for political credit among her fellow anti-Terran Earther self-hating lobotomites… Oh, sorry, that wasn’t in the movie at all, was it?


    And the source for the name chosen by some kids in the 80s for their band.

    Duran Duran.


    Viet Nam vets are not Fonda Jane.


    Well, you know, she did apologize for all that. Except the spitting on corpses thing, since you know, she didn’t do that. But you’re probably all Christian and shit, so why the fuck forgive you know?


    “special Guest Appearance David Hemmings as Dildano”

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